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Quakers in Cambridge, UK

Welcome to the Cambridge QWiki (or Quaker Wiki) for the Religious Society of Friends — or Quakers as we are more commonly known — based in Cambridge, UK.

As Quakers, we believe that we all can have direct experience of God. In our Meetings for Worship we meet with God in an un-programmed quiet time and in the vocal contributions of others. Worship is part of our daily lives.

We make no distinction between the sacred and the secular as we try to live our convictions in the every day.

On the QWiki

About the Quaker meetings in and near Cambridge

There are three local meetings in Cambridge, all part of Britain Yearly Meeting. They are:

The meetings in Cambridge are grouped together with other Quaker Meetings

Together we form Cambridgeshire Area Meeting (which is the administrative unit of Quakers in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area).